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S. L. Kulkarni Cyril Graphics, Pvt. Ltd. (SLKCG) markets and sells printing and packaging machinery in India and neighbouring countries.  We have a dedicated team of highly experienced engineers that provide after sales supprt and service.

SLKCG has been serving the Printing and Packaging Industry for over 4 decades.  Our clients include most of the top and mid-size printing and packaging companies in India.

SLKCG is the exclusive dealer of EZ Gravtek's Sheetfed Gravure machines, Fuchu Shiko's fully automatic rigid box making machines and Wisprint line of Web Offset Printing machines in India.

SLKCG also exclusively markets high speed Flute Lamintion machines and fully auto Lamination machines for Shanhe, India.  SLKCG also deals in semi auto rigid box making machines, paper bag making machines for various manufactirers.

SLKCG undertakes overhauling, rebuilding and re-installation of web offset machines in India and overseas locations.  We also offer supervision of dismantling used machines overseas, shipment and re-installation at your site in India.

Please click on the Products and Services links in the header to view  a complete list of our products including specifications and a list of services we offer.


257-260 Udyog Bhavan
Sonwala Road, Goregaon (East)
Mumbai 400 063, India


Phone: +91-22-4053 5800             
Mobile: +91-9820073927


Wisprint  - Web Offset
Fuchu Shiko - Rigid Box 
EZ Gravtek - Sheetfed Gravure
Shanhe - Flute Laminators

Why Choose Us


Customer Focused

Client's application and profitability is always top of mind when we suggest a particular solution


Dedicated Service Team

We have a dedicated team of highly experienced engineers that provide after sales service and support


Latest Technology

We strive continuously to bring the latest technology to the Indian market